Morris Dovey’s 3-Legged Sawhorse/Workbench

These are used as both sawhorses and mini workbenches. The three-legged design ensures that they can't wobble, the slotted top permits clamping in any direction, and the open-ended slot allows stacking and easy clamping of awkward objects.

The horses are constructed using common SPF 2x4 and 2x6 construction lumber and assembled with wood screws (nails don’t work). I use pocket hole joinery; but I built and used the same horses for a long time before I began using pocket hole joinery.

Construction Hints

All parts of this sawhorse except the front leg and the spreader were cut 30" (762 mm) long. The front leg was cut longer and trimmed flush with the top after assembly; and the spreader was cut to fit low to allow the back legs to flex slightly when clamping in the center slot. Please adjust dimensions to suit your comfort, work, and safety.

All angles are either square (90°) or 10° off-square.

I’ve found it worthwhile to joint the top edges of the horizontal 2x4 pieces to ensure "flatness" of the top surface, and to do any sanding before assembly.

Copyright © 2005 Morris R Dovey

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