Exceptional variety of systems experience provides a broad understanding of problems, solutions, and trade-off factors. Strong mathematical, logical and hardware/software technical skills combined with excellent people skills. Creative problem-solver (two patents filed) with contagious enthusiasm for discovering new solution strategies. Considerable enjoyment derived from sharing challenges, knowledge, and approaches. Strongly motivated responsibility-seeker. Strong verbal and written communication skills in both technical and non-technical areas. Enjoy teaching, making group presentations, and conducting seminars. Management experience ranges from team leader through project manager to CEO/COO of a small manufacturing corporation.

Manufacturing Systems

Experience at all levels from requirements analysis through final implementation and test stages. Carried entire responsibility for design and implementation of a shop data collection system to serve 2,000 manufacturing employees and provide real time inquiry capabilities for work in process, raw materials and finished goods inventory, workcenter scheduling, employee scheduling and productivity, machine maintenance and performance tracking, and a number of other functions.

Carried entire responsibility for design, implementation, and production of a compact, intelligent shop data collection computer terminal and all firmware/microcode needed to allow it to continue to function fully even during host computer system downtime and general power outages.

Invented a new operation scheduling strategy which simultaneously optimizes throughput at workstation, department, and plant levels while smoothing workloads, minimizing WIP and raw materials inventories, and minimizing the "hot job" problem. The strategy can be applied to both traditional and JIT manufacturing environments.

Financial Systems

Designed and implemented changes to the Options processing system of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, assisted at PHLX in the conversion from fractional price to decimal price quoting and trading. Designed and implemented changes to the processing of automatic cancellations and handling of auto-cancels on the floor trading screens.

Designed and implemented a system to perform non-linear regression analysis of historical cost center data and produce an optimized budget for the following year for an entire IBM division. The system was adequate to produce a 30% increase in the division’s net income before taxes in the first year of actual use.

Subsequently designed and implemented a system to derive operating budgets by allocating funds available to each department of an entire IBM division according to departmental budget requests and division mission priorities.

Real Time Systems

Experience at all levels from requirements analysis through final implementation and testing stages. As far back as 1969 carried entire responsibility for design and implementation of a complete real-time multi-programmable, multi-tasking operating system for a newly-developed process control computer.

Designed and implemented logic for maximal real-time capture of commutated telemetry data from NASA’s TIROS-N weather satellite to substantially reduce data losses due to loss of decommutation synchronization in both launch and orbital modes.

Substantial real-time systems experience developing interrupt-driven low-level I/O driver software for incorporation into existing real-time operating systems and new applications to permit the use of newly-developed devices.

Process Control

Experience at all levels from requirements analysis through final implementation and testing stages. Member of RCA task force to evaluate feasibility and profitability of a fully-automated (untouched by human hands) television manufacturing facility in a last-ditch effort to maintain the United States as the major producer of television receivers.

Designed and implemented high-speed test system calibration for real-time testing of IBM memory chip and module production lines; and invented strategy for determining (with 99% accuracy) if chips/modules were being rejected by the system due to test system failure. This dramatically reduced the number of "false alarm" production line repair shut-downs with a corresponding boost in production rates and yields.

Member of Eastman Kodak’s Ektachem-400 design team. The E-400 performs fast, complete chemical analysis of human body fluids (plasma, whole blood, spinal fluid, urine, tears, etc.) using very small samples. Designed and implemented the first of the multi-wavelength colorimetric tests (neonatal bilirubin) and contributed to the development of mathematical models used by this device.


Experience at all levels from requirements analysis through final implementation and operations. Designed and implemented the National Employment Wire Service Corporation (NEWS) nationwide wide area network (WAN) system, including all communications software, to automatically update NEWS’ employment data base at over 100 nodes. Subsequently I rented office space for NEWS, hired and trained operations personnel, and turned the operation over to NEWS as a turnkey office.

Was involved in the development of IBM’s SDLC communications protocol; and was involved as far back as 1967 with the linking of multiple processors on widely-separated college campuses to effect distributed processing.

On-Line Systems

Experience at all levels from requirements analysis through final implementation and operations. Began using on-line time-shared systems in 1967 and extended involvement until I had finally designed and fully implemented a complete system, including all communications and data base code used in the system. That system included use of facsimile technology to allow users to use their fax machines as system printers.

Product Development

Experience at all levels from concept development through FCS (first customer ship) with a wide range of products, including IBM’s first floppy and Winchester disk drives, band printer, SDLC adapter, and the processors used in the 37xx and 81xx products; as well as a number of other products including computer terminals, satellite receivers, and intelligent electronic advertizing display signs.

Systems Software

Experience at all levels from requirements analysis through final implementation and test stages, with operating systems, compilers, loaders, BIOS (basic input/output system) packages, assemblers, utility packages, as well as hardware/software validation tools and diagnostics.

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