About my career

I worked as a paradigm/system design consultant – I designed and implemented hardware, software, and people systems. These pages were intended to encourage business by telling about myself and my work; and I wish that I were able to convey just how much fun and satisfaction I had during my fifty years of solving system problems.

My hardware/software systems development career began in 1959 and spanned more than 50 years, with design and implementation experience in more than a dozen languages on more than twice that many CPU's. I've worked for and with companies ranging from Fortune 100 to brand new start-ups. I enjoyed all of it.

To tell the story, I've written three separate résumés: The original job-by-job detail résumé worked fine for landing programming jobs; but as I came to deal increasingly with non-technical management, I needed an overview résumé that simply assumed implementation skills and emphasized business problem-solving capabilities. Then, to my chagrin, I found that there are people who count buzzwords and won't even consider reading a résumé (or probably anything else) longer than a page, so I produced a technical summary résumé.

What I'm proud of

A seminar I took a while back required that I write a short paper telling about what I'd done that I felt good about. Because I generally feel more comfortable with people I already know something about, I'll share this with you, hoping that it'll help you to be more comfortable with me.

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