This directory formerly contained a collection of C-language source modules and some reference materials that were made available to help beginners learn C and to illustrate some programming principles and techniques.

Only one source module (mtrace.c - which traces calls to malloc() and friends to identify memory leaks) contained a request for a voluntary contribution if the program were used in a commercial development environment. I watched the logs for a number of years and, although that module was downloaded to hundreds of corporate servers, no voluntary contributions were forthcoming.

I found it interesting that the greediest downloaders of my copyrighted code included those firms (most notably, Microsoft Corp. of Redmond WA USA) most defensive about having their own copyrights violated.

In point of fact, none of the downloaders felt the collection was a resource worthy of their support - and so it has gone the way of all unworthy code.

getsm.c has been left (at least temporarily) because a friend has a link on his site. If/when his link disappears, it will also be relocated to the bit bucket.

Other modules may appear in (and disappear from) the directory from time to time, but they will not be listed nor links provided here.