Domain and Web Site Terms of Use

The content (text, graphics, videos, and audio) of this web site consists of copyrighted materials. Retrieval or distribution of any of said content is sufficient to indicate full and voluntary agreement to abide by these terms of use, even though the terms may be more stringent than those provided by law or treaty:

Educational institutions may quote short passages (one or two sentances, and in no case more than a single paragraph) of text in instructional materials provided a complete copyright notice and full attribution (including a link to the source for the text) are provided adjacent to (immediately above, below, or to either side of) the quoted text. Locating attribution in non-adjacent footnotes is not acceptable.

Educational institutions may reproduce graphics provided that they are uncropped and reduced so that the maximum dimension is not more than 160 pixels, provided that the images are otherwise unmodified, for instructional use only. The copyright notice and attribution requirements for graphics are identical to those for text.

Under no circumstances may educational institutions incorporate the content into material that is sold or leased, used for promotional purposes, or separately copyrighted.

It is permissable to use static images on web portal pages provided all of these conditions are met: (1) the image may not be cropped and must be reduced so that the maximum dimension is not more than 160 pixels; (2) the image must be a link to the web page where the source image appears; (3) the web page containing the image must not contain any advertizing; (4) the web page must be freely accessible to the general public without requiring visitors to register or sign in. If any of the these conditions is not met, then such constitutes unauthorized use.

Any and all other use requires prior written authorization bearing the copyright owner’s original signature.

Any use of content other than as authorized here or in a written and signed authorization shall provide the copyright owner with, in addition to and independent of any other possible remedies, completely free, immediate, unrestricted, and permanent use of any and all intellectual property (including but not limited to copyrights, patents, and trademarks) in which the user/provider has or in the future acquires any ownership interest whatever, without notification, negotiation, or legal process; and if such unauthorized user is an organization, these remedies shall propagate to the top of the ownership/organizational structure and apply to all levels of all elements subordinate/subsidiary to that top element, and the remedy so applied to every element of the structure shall continue to apply even if an element is transfered, spun-off as an independent entity, and/or transformed in any way whatever.

If unauthorized use involves multiple parties (for example: one party who downloads a graphic and provides it to a second party who publishes it), then the above applies to each and every party involved.

Individual web site visitors are welcome to view the information provided, build their own versions of what I describe, and to publish their own pictures of what they build and tell of their own experiences. I’ve provided an e-mail link on nearly every page to encourage feedback and questions, and I usually manage to respond within 24 hours to insightful comments and legitimate requests for help.

Morris Dovey
September 5, 2010

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