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Occupy Politics!

In the past I’ve avoided politics, other than to cast my vote for whomever I thought would do the best job for each office. I was content, perhaps too often, to vote for whomever I thought would do the least damage. I’ve learned that’s not enough – that it’s of utmost importance to ensure that the best possible candidates appear on the ballot and to encourage other voters to weigh prospective candidates carefully according to the ideals and principles we expect them to uphold – and it’s essential that we all learn from past experiences (both successes and failures).

I’m profoundly unsatisfied with the behavior of both Democrats and Republicans. I’ve become convinced that they’ve lost their way – that the ideals and principles which have made our country great are no longer of primary importance to them, that they have allowed themselves to become so polarized that they cannot cooperate to solve urgent problems, and that too many of our elected representatives are too busy feathering their own nests to pay attention to the work they have been elected to do. My feeling is that they are in violation of their contract. I’ve become concerned that both parties seem to have little interest beyond funding campaigns and winning their next election.

The recent “Occupy” protest demonstrations indicate that I’m not alone with either my lack of satisfaction nor my concern. I’m even more concerned that the protests have not resulted in any establishment political activity other than attempts to sweep the entire situation under the carpet.

Ok, it’s time to raise the stakes. That can be done in either of two ways, one of which is destructive and would harm everyone, and another which may or may not be productive but will do very little harm. I'm all for minimizing the harm.

I propose forming a new political party with the express purpose of re-instituting the democratic principles and ideals we all cherish – and which, even if it doesn’t win a majority of seats in the legislature, must be dealt with by both existing parties as a stalemate-breaking force.

On the other hand, if it should receive the support of the self-proclaimed 99%, it may achieve a ruling majority and be able to implement solutions to many of our unsolved problems. That’s an interesting possibility!

I'd rather speak for solutions than against problems. I can't do much more than offer a starting point and encourage peaceful, thoughtful change. That's not really very much, but I’m not seeing enough constructive problem solving today – and I don’t think it’s enough to sit around and whine about what one doesn’t like. In an attempt to give this idea some legs, I've taken my best shot at a party platform. Please feel free to add and/or subtract. My only suggestions are that you anticipate possible consequences and keep it as simple as possible.

You can find my platform draft at this link. Your suggestions are welcome – I'll include the best of them in the platform draft.

Morris Dovey
West Des Moines, Iowa USA
Updated December 9, 2011