Editorial Section (In Progress)Updated 2013 August 24

An Exo-Perspective

An Exo-Perspective is an attempt to offer a view from an external perspective such as might be afforded a visitor from another planet who had opportunity to observe our behavior without interacting with us. Nearly all of the content was prompted by recent events and discussions.

It’s challenging to compress observations to meet the space limitations of a recognizable meme. There have been a fair number of observations that just wouldn’t fit - and some of what has fit begs for additional discussion. Perhaps I’ll have time to add some of that in the future.

With the surveillance scandals in the news, I couldn’t quite resist the urge to take a couple of digs at the way our leaders respond to being exposed as ignorant, foolish, conniving, or just plain dishonest:

The Cardboard Palace - Humorous

The Cardboard Palace was my first tentative exploration into the possibilities of memes - and while there were some serious ideas to offer for thought, there was a real need to punctuate the serious stuff with visual cues to draw back from the emotional edge, take a deep breath, and relax. Here are just a few:

The Cardboard Palace - Serious

The remainder of the Cardboard Palace were observations resulting from looking to see what life lessons might be learned from keeping up with the daily news (otherwise known as learning from the mistakes of others). I think most of what’s here are things we all know, but don’t know that we know. My aim was not so much to present new knowledge as to prompt people to (re)consider what they might already know - or to, perhaps, reconsider from another perspective.

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