I started with an interest in printing 3D plastic items – then found an article on recycling waste plastic into the filament used for these printers. Since plastic waste has become a worldwide problem, these devices for making new filament (and so new products) struck me as an absolutely wonderful way to solve a serious waste problem while, at the same time, raising the standard of living for people unable to afford manufactured goods.

To take advantage of this new technology, it would be sufficient for a village to satisfy seven prerequisites:

• A person to be the “maker”
• A source of electricity
• A connection to the Internet
• A supply of scrap plastic
• A device like the FilaBot
• A 3D printer device
• A program for each item to be made

Part Programs Wanted

• Sandals
• Work shoes
• Women/girl casual shoes
• Child shoes
• Shoe size gauge

• Dinner plate
• Smaller plate
• Salad/cereal bowl
• Serving platter
• Serving bowl
• Lid for above
• Serving spoon
• Serving ladle
• Serving tongs
• Drinking mug
• Tumbler

• Pitcher
• Strainer
• Stackable food storage container
• Lid for above
• Lunchbox
• Eyeglass frames
• Sunglasses
• Wall hook
• Soap dish
• Spigot


We have oceans of waste plastic - see this Wikipedia article.

This photograph started me thinking - I was sure we could do better.

The “FilaMaker” shreds waste plastic.

The “FilaBot” extrudes filament for 3D printing.

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