SuperZero Tips & Techniques

  • When probing the SuperZero, the 'Bot should stop without taking additional steps when contact is made. The block may be moved if there is play/backlash in the drive train or flexure in any part of the gantry. You can prevent this from being a problem by placing a finger (or a small push stick) against a corner edge of the block while probing. (Morris Dovey)

  • If you're using the SuperZero with a bit (rather than one of the probes), accuracy may be enhanced by turning the bit so that the cutting edges are aligned with x- or y-axis. (Steve Knight)

  • If you find yourself installing and removing the fences frequently, replacing the button head cap screws with brass thumbscrews may make the task easier. (Steve Knight)

  • Steve Knight built this holder for his SuperZero - presumably to use up some old scraps. I've suspected for several years that he's incapable of producing anything that isn't beautiful. (Morris Dovey, photos by Steve)

Copyright © 2007 Morris R Dovey

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