DeSoto Solar
Solar Energy for Economic Independence


In 2001, I rented a hangar at a small airfield on the outskirts of the small town of DeSoto, Iowa and began solar R&D efforts with the intention of discovering how solar energy might solve some energy-related problems.

Because tool and materials vendors seemed to prefer dealing with a business rather than an individual, I named my operation “DeSoto Solar” and the made-up name seemed to bestow more credibility than my own.

In 2011, the hangar was sold – and the new owner is understandably eager to occupy my shop's space. I've moved the tools into a tiny rented space in the city of West Des Moines (about 12 miles closer to home) – so it won't make much sense to continue using the DeSoto Solar name. The new shop space lacks the 220V power needed to run my larger tools, has no heat, and has no running water or toilet facilities available – and this affects both shop capabilities and the amount of time I can work in the shop.

I'm restructuring the web site to better serve my agenda and to make it easier to maintain. Most of the old “DeSoto” directory structure is being moved into a more appropriately-named “Solar” directory structure and pages are being reformatted/rewritten in an effort to make them more informative. Once that’s done, the old pages will be deleted.

I have no idea how many links there might be to the existing pages nor whether this will produce any noticeable inconvenience for anyone – but over a period of ten years only one other person has made a financial contribution and there thave been fewer than a dozen people who have been willing to help with the work, so I’m not going to to worry about inconvenience to more than those few people.

The energy-related information can be accessed from and my old woodworking project pages can be accessed from All of the public pages can still be accessed from the skeletal home page at The entire web site remains a “work in progress” – and I still welcome questions and feedback via e-mail.

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